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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Shanti Nivas, Dharampuri:

From 1986 the sisters started  to live in a room attached to the Primary School run by the Diocese of Khandwa. Fr. Lobouscher started this school when he was the Parish Priest of Sirpur in 1970. Dharampuri still functions as a sub-station of Sirpur Parish. On 24th June 1987, a branch Community of St. Mary's Convent was started in Dharampuri, a small village on Harsud road, 18 kms from Khandwa. This village had around 300 families. The aim of branching out to this underdeveloped village was the the spirit of 'Option for the poor' and 'dialogue of life and insertion', which was the mission spirit of the time.

From 1992 this community became branch community of Santa Maria Convent Sirpur. Along with teaching in the school sisters started to visit the families to build a rapport with the people and to experience their life. They began a nursery class for the children to arose interest in them for education. the sisters also visited the sick and provided them with preliminary medical aid. The presence of our sisters continue to bring a lot of changes in the school as a result the number of dropouts are coming down; also people expressed that the sisters should continue in the school. All the same the presence of the sisters in that little village is very much appreciated. 

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