Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Deepalaya Convent, Indore

Officially Deepalaya Convent started functioning from the year 2014. It is situated little outskirt of Indore. The building was already built by PASS (Pavitra Atma Sevika Sangh) and was serving the project as Community Care Center (CCC) for the people living with HIV/AIDS. After the project was over the Sisters felt that the need to start a school; since the area had very few schools; built St. Raphael's Co-ed School Campus-2; as the extension of old St. Raphael's School which is in the city. 

This community is rendering their valuable service in the School and communication center.  The sisters those who are working in the near by St. Francis Hospital also belonged to this community. Therefore the Hospital community is a branch community of Deepalaya Convent, Indore.