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The Divine word Missionaries faced difficult to reach out to the non-Christians and felt the need of having women missionaries who could have easy access and contact with the tribal families.  A Protestant health officer Colonel Tyrrel, who had come to know about the SSpS catholic Nuns, suggested that the hospital called Kalyanmal Nursing home, in Indore, should be staffed by these Religious Sisters. Through the Divine Word Missionaries Mr. Colonel contacted the Generalate of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters and waited eagerly for their arrival. In 1933 when the sisters were travelling to India, King Alfonso 12th was also with them. When he heard that these nuns are going to serve in India  and take up Health Ministry He was extremely glad.  From their arrival onward they started to serve in Kalyanmal Nursing home. 

After the second world war, in spite of all the anti-missionary activities and accusations against the Missionaries, the SSpS sisters In Kalyanmal Nursing home and the sisters in Nimar continued to serve the sick and the poor, strengthened by their deep faith in God and His promising words of continued support. Sisters also served in Alirajpur hospital. When the sisters started to serve in Khandwa missions and took care of the sick the government also aided them with vehicle and other facilities. The SSpS continue to visit, pray and serve the sick wherever they are....

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