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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

St. Mary's Convent, Khandwa: 

Khandwa is a small town, the central part of India, became the center part of this mission area long before Indore. Prior to the SVD and SSpS Missionaries, the Khandwa Region was under the jurisdiction of the then dioceses of Vishakhapatanam and the priests from Jabalpur were looking after the Spiritual needs of the Catholic population. 


Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters moved to Khandwa on 1st April 1940 to St. Mary's Convent that had been built by Franciscans. The pioneers to this mission were

Srs. Frederica, Juvata and Anfreda  Sr. Lippolda joined them latter.

heir main aim was to work in villages for the social and economic uplift of the dalits. To reach the villages , the sisters went about on cycles, in bullock carts and sometimes on foot on the hot dusty roads of Nimar. 


Sisters soon opened a dispensary and a poly-clinic. Here the sisters treated some 20,000 patients every year. Until the seventies our dispensary in Khandwa was well known for its excellent medical care. 

From 1948 sisters were taking care of the orphans who were rejected by their family. Those who were homeless were educated by the sisters and settled. Presently sisters are taking care of the Boarding, Hostel, Pastoral ministry and Ashagraha (a creative venture). 

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