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On February 6, 1933 the ship “Victoria ” landed in Mumbai with the first four Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit; Sr. Frederica,

Sr. Fridburgis, Sr. Fridolina and Sr. Sixtina. In Europe, the sisters were also known as “Blue Sisters” because the traditional color of our religious habit is blue.

On April 1, 1937 India was raised to the Status of a Region. Sr. Fredrica became the first Regional Superior. In 1953, the first candidates from India joined the Congregation. After two years of Novitiate, the first two Sisters from India Sr. Emilian Sebastian from  Madhya Pradesh and another Sr. Marion Chemmanoor from Kerala ; made their first commitment on the 6th of January 1958, in St. Raphael's Convent, Indore, presided by Rt. Rev. Bishop Simons SVD, of Indore Diocese. Sr. Itwara Zimmermann (from USA) was the Regional Superior of that time. The Mission kept flourishing and branched out to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu; these all remained as one province. 

In 1965, Sr. Micheal Zotopa came to India as the new Regional Superior. She found Bangalore as a suitable place for the Regional House and Novitiate since most of the vocations were from south also for the climate and availability of various educational facilities.

In 1970, the Regional House as well as Novitiate was shifted from Indore to Bangalore. In 1983, the Indian Region was raised to the status of a province and Sr. Alician Vazhapilly became the first provincial superior of India.  In  1992 on March 25th, on the feast of the Annunciation the Foundation for the two regions were laid. The Central region (Madhya Pradesh) later was named as Divine Providence and the Eastern Region (Odisha) was named as Divine Word. The province celebrated the Silver Jubilee in 1995. Now there was a greater need to divide the province due to the widespread of the mission and for the better administration as well.


1. Spirit of Divine Love, India south (1983)

2. Province of Divine Providence, India central (1995)

3.Province of Divine Word, India East (1995)

4. Province of Holy Trinity, India North East (2010)

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