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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Holy Spirit Convent, Bhopal:

Now we reached to the Capital of Madhya Pradesh. In the beginning the Sisters were helping out in BSSS College, latter in the year 1996 they moved to the new place were the community is situated presently. After reaching there the sisters realized that the people in this area needed education as there were no proper schools around, also close to our convent was a large area of people living in the slum who were less privileged.

To promote education for all, sisters started a Co-ed School under the Pattern St. Raphael. In order to reach out to those people living with minimum facilities, and to help the women in the slum sisters started the NGO to help out to all there. Now the Holy Spirit Convent remains a home for the sisters who are teaching in the School and BSSS college, Pastoral ministry, Slum activities and center for Uday Society. 

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