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Santa Maria Convent, Sirpur:

Sirpur is, a village in the jungle about 35 km east of Khandwa. In 1950, on 25th January the Feast day of the Conversion of St. Paul the SVD Missionaries, who had taken the station of Sirpur, handed over the newly built convent to the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit. About 30 villages had to be served by the Sirpur Mission  Station.

Sisters helped the farmers to receive the Government aid. Loans and medical care were also provided to demonstrate new ways of building community.


Here the sisters besides school and boarding took care of the dispensary and educated the women in Catholic Faith. According to Indian customs, women were taught only by women and sisters took every opportunity to instruct them for Baptism. Sisters took up the lead to collaborate with other organizations too.

Our sisters played an important role in the celebration of Marion feast which is marked by the people of Khandwa and the surroundings. During the Second World War the German Missionaries (SVD's) were interned they promised the Blessed Mother that they would build and dedicate a Grotto in her honor if they would be freed. Since then Sirpur has become famous for Marion Shrine. Here a pilgrimage takes place every year on 2nd February, on the Feast of Our Lady.


Centenary Jubilee Year of Sirpur Shrine 1921 - 2022.

All are invited for the celebration on 2nd Feb 2022

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