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Pastoral Activities:

 When the Founder began the Congregation, he had a special purpose in mind. He wrote, ”Sisters are to assist priests in their pastoral ministry. They as women will have powerful access to women and families. ” imbued by his vision, the sisters took upon themselves to witness God’s love especially through pastoral ministry as their primary task. This need was felt in Nimar, as the people there subject to deprivations of all kinds, including faith.

  • We as a community visit the families regularly and pray for them in their house and in during our prayers too. 

  • Our visit creates a friendly atmosphere.

  • Co-operate & help in church activities.

  • Through our intervention many families are reconciled. 

  • First Holy Communion preparations, Catechism teaching on Sunday as well as in the school & in the hostels.

  • We Visit the other families spent quality time with women living alone.

  • We prepare people for marriage rectification and adult baptism.

  • Our presence strengthens the faith of the people.

  • Career guidance, personality development is given.

  • Good relationship with parishioners.

  • In BCC groups lay people are very active in animating children.

  • Through retreat, confession, picnic, Bible quiz etc we make the catechism interesting .

  •  Our visit helps to unite the broken families.

  • Participate in the choir of the parish.

  • We reach out to arrange the church for the liturgy.

  • Attend the parish council meeting.

  • Join adoration on 1st Friday along with the people.

  • Provide accommodation for catholic girls during youth festival.

  • Faith formation of our catholic students are taken care by giving them practice for Bible reading, singing in the church.  

  • Hostelites join us for adoration once a week.


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