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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Pavitra Atma Ashram, Aulia:​

Aulia is a village which is situated in the South West of Khandwa. on 1st March 1963, our Congregation opened the third mission station in the Nimar district in Madhya Pradesh, the first two being Khandwa and Sirpur. This new foundation was the first one in the Region to be dedicated to the Holy Spirit and it was named 'Pavitra Atma Ashram'.  In 1960, Bishop Francis Simons had officially asked the sisters for the new mission station and stated that the main work of the sisters in Aulia would be running the dispensary and the health care in the surrounding villages as well as giving catechetical instruction to women. Due to shortage of Sisters, the new convent remained empty for two years. In 1963 the Sisters came back to Aulia and soon they changed the situation there, especially by giving the women who had been badly neglected a deeper foundation in their Christian religion.

On 1st July 1963  a boarding house for girls was opened to prepare and train them for their future life. This Community became an important medical center, when Sr. Christobaldis along with the congregation realized the urgent need of a leprosarium; they set up St. Luke's Hospital. The services of Aulia was not limited to Aulia but to the nearby villages too. 

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