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Founded in 1889 in Steyl, the Netherlands, by St. Arnold Janssen with Bl. Maria Helena Stollenwerk, and Bl. Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns.


An international community of women, dedicated to the Life-giving SPIRIT, called and sent, for the mission, to make known the saving LOVE of the TRIUNE GOD to all People.  

Anchored in the Trinitarian spirituality, nourished by the Word of God and the Holy Eucharist, guided by the Spirit in discernment.

We are sent as prophetic missionary communities beyond barriers of language, culture and social classes in order to reveal the feminine face of the Holy Triune God to those people where the good news has not been reached. Inter-nationality and community living are few of the characteristics of our Congregation.


Today the Congregation has spread to 48 countries with a membership of around 4000 sisters.

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