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Vision : A harmonious just and humane Society.

Mission : To build an integrated and value based community through our education policies and actions.



All the schools of INC have friendly and caring management, who are committed, selfless and responsible for creating a large human resource. The conducive green environment, and Good infrastructure of school campus help our Students to think positive and live healthy. Smartly managed class rooms are availed for students to increase their smartness. Through student leadership and participation we provide value based and  Integrated Education. We have good, trained, trainable, reliable and qualitative staff, committed and loyal. By whose hard work and support the Schools have Good reputation and 100% results. Everyone works to bring out the qualities of each student.  


The management and the staff build a Cordial relationship with Parents, Public, Press,Civil authorities and receive Cooperation from them. The social sensitivity and social values imbibed by the students which is expressed in their readiness to spent time with old people and with children in orphanages; they do willingly help the poor and needy. The special Capacity of the students which they learn here is to live together as brothers and sisters going beyond their unique Cultures, Traditions, Faith  and Family backgrounds.

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