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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Shardha Sadan, Udaipur: Royal Rajasthan:


Rajasthan is culturally rich and artistically rich in traditions, which reflect the ancient Indian way of life, especially in the villages. Highly cultivated classical music and dance with its own distinct style is a part of the cultural tradition of Rajasthan. Though a large percentage of the total area is a desert, with a little forest cover, Rajasthan has varied flora and fauna. Udaipur, being one of the big cities of Rajasthan was also one of the backward districts. It had a total population of more than 70 lakhs one third of them were Bhil tribal.

Bishop. Rev. Joseph Pathalil wanted the sisters to extend their missionary activities in these districts too. First, he invited the SVD’s to begin a Centre for Dialogue and Communication in Udaipur. Then he invited the SSpS to collaborate with the SVDs in this new venture. On 12th July 1991 he sent a formal invitation to the SSpS Regional Administration. In 1992, the house where the SVD’s were formally residing became the first SSpS community in Rajasthan.

Sisters began their apostolate with the SVDs in the Dialogue Center. Also took up other activities like non-formal education for the Children, adult education, and sewing classes for the women of slum. Along with these ministries, the sisters teach in the Diocesan School and spread the message of love and peace. The arrival of SSpS sisters is a blessing and appreciated by the people, particularly in the field of education. SSpS continue their services to the church and the people in and around this beautiful ‘City of Lakes’.

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