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My Heart is Ready:

Every SSpS as an international congregation are ready to work in any given Mission and in any place. The presence of SspS Sisters in Central India from 20th Century has brought tremendous changes in the life of people. Sisters give their life totally for the growth of the people, through different ministries; reaching out to everyone in need through their valuable Prayers, house visiting, educating the lesser privileged, hostels, caring for the sick, migrants and in frontier mission.  

When the Founder began the Congregation, he had a special purpose in mind. He wrote, ”Sisters are to assist priests in their pastoral ministry. They as women will have powerful access to women and families. ” imbued by his vision, the sisters took upon themselves to witness God’s love especially through pastoral ministry as their primary task. This need was felt in Nimar, as the people there subject to deprivations of all kinds, including faith.

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