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 It is a period of time where the candidate who aspires to join our way of life gets trained at different level, getting various opportunity under the guidance of trained SSpS. ... 


From the time of first profession to until final profession it's called Juniorate. During this Juniorate sisters live and share their life in the community and mission, they go for their secular studies and minimum 1 year of Theology too. All through these years along with the Community leader another Sister is appointed to accampany them. Every year they gather together to share their life experiences and pray and renew their vows; which energieses them further for their religious life. At the 7th or 8th year of their vows they are sent to tertiate to prepare them for the final commitment. During this year they have a retreat for 30 days as our Constitutions say; and at the end commit themselves finally.

Stages of Formation in INC:

Candidacy:            Holy Spirit Convent, Indore

Studency:              Shradha Sadan, Udaipur,

                                 Hursh Vihar, Alirajpur.

Pre-Novitiate:      Holy Spirit Convent,  Khandwa.

Novitiate:             Holy Spirit Convent, Indore.

 On Going Formation:

Religious life is Centered in Christ. The formation which we receive during our formation period continues to bear fruit more effectively after the final commitment. Therefore our formation wont stop there at our final commitment; rather it continues till we reach our final destiny. We learn, form and grow everyday towards that fullness of life; so our formation is an Ongoing formation.


Our Story continues......

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