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Pavitr Atma Ashram, Aulia

Holy Spirit Convent, Khandwa:

In the beginning  it was a branch Community of St. Mary's Convent; Sisters were taking care of the Holy Spirit Convent School which is again a new venture of SSpS sisters in Central India. This convent is Situated less than a kilo-meter away from St. Mary's Convent. In 2003 the School started functioning and the sisters who were teaching in the School stayed in one room of the school building itself. 

The Convent along with Pre-Novitiate House and hostel for girls was built in the year 2005. The first group of Pre-novices from St. Mary's were shifted to Holy Spirit Convent on 27 August 2005. From then onward Pre-novitiate is held there.

The main apostolate of our sisters are Education, Hostel, Pastoral and formation.

In the Year 2013 a new wing called Junior Block was constructed. 

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