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The pre-novices after the discernment retreat enter into a Important phase of Religious life that is Novitiate. It is for two years;

  1. The first year is called as Canonical year here they spent a lot of time in prayer, reflection and meditation.

  2. The second year is called as Apostolic year, now they have experiences in the mission being in our communities and in the locality.

These two Years of intensive preparation is very important; where  the Novices prepare themselves to surrender to of God in our Congregation. Ther are given a continuous Spiritual guidance like recollection, confession, silence and prayer. They learn the constitution, reflect on the life of our founding generation, take classes for their peers in order to develop their self confidence and have classes from distinguished people and increase their knowledge. At the end of the second year they attend 15 days retreat and discern and confirm their call to religious life, and on 3rd  May they profess their vows. 


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