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Now the Aspirants who are selected enter in another stage of formation that is Pre-Novitiate, which is held in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. During this year they prepare themselves to enter into Novitiate. They learn about our way of life and live the Spirituality. During this time of formation they learn to pray the congregational prayers, and learn about the life style of our congregation. From this time on hey silently start to reflect, have regular confession and recollection which help them to grow spiritually. They get very many opportunities to manage themselves in all the way. They have a conducive house and learn

Pre Novices.jpeg

to handle the finance and kitchen. Participate in the education ministry, Visit the sick and pray for them. Through various classes and inputs they grow in knowledge & self awareness.  


This Year We have 8 Pre-Novices from five States. 

10 from Odisha, 2 from West Bengal, 1 from Chatisgarh, 1 from Tamil Nadu, 1 from Jharkhand, 1 from Rajastan

The official entry to Pre-Novitiate was on 3rd July with a meaningful prayer service, followed by thanks giving Eucharistic celebration. ​The theme chosen for the year was "loved and fashioned by the master". 

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