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Provincial House

Provincial house for the province of Divine Providence came into existence in the year 1997 in the outskirt of Indore, just little away from St. Raphael, which functioned as the School and Old Provincial house for the Sisters in Central India. 

Sr. Annie Marie inaugurated Holy Spirit Convent, Provincial house. Being the only Convent for this area, the sisters visited the families regularly in the surroundings and built a good friendship with all. Sisters are friendly and approachable. In the beginning we belonged to the Cathedral Church Parish. This house serves as the center of all the communities in the province, so many formation groups have been trained mainly as Novices, few as Candidates and Aspirants. Yearly meetings, annual retreats, seminars, Juniors gathering and chapters of the province are held here; and is a home for those who are tired, weary and sick. Hospitality and homey atmosphere is felt by everyone. 

Around our convent now we have many Christian families and population has increased as a whole. Sisters do visit the Catholic families, conduct BCC prayers and Rosary; take Catechism class for the students in Palda Parish; which is taken care by SVD'S. 

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