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Santa Maria, Sirpur

In the begining the girls were very few and they were taught reading, writing, cooking, gardening and catechism. The enrollment of girls kept increasing every year.

Sr. Anacletis Nooyen is remembered even today for her pioneering efforts in empowering the young women. The training given to the girls in the hostel proved beneficial in their life. They learn to work hard and take good care of their children and families. As a result, they sent their children to school, live a meaningful, and value based life. In addition, most of them are doing well in their life even in big cities today.

The School in Sirpur is run by the Diocese of Khandwa. SSpS sisters are working in the school with the Diocesan Priests. We bring the students from far Villages accommodate them in our hostel and educate them in the school.   Along with the education they also get chance to involve in different activities in the school and hostel. In order to reduce the dropouts and to promote education to all we suggest our students to go to Knandwa to be in our hostels and to study in Holy Spirit School. The sisters do the follow up and help the students to farewell in their life. 

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