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St. Mary's Hostel, Khandwa

Promotion of women and girls was a sector which was much neglected in those days. So our sisters took up the task of uplifting and improving the condition of women. Here was a vast field for the mission work opened for the sisters who were unaware that they were pioneers in this field and would be quoted as such by future historians.

In St. Mary’s Convent, the sisters opened a boarding for girls from remote villages. Most of these girls belonged to the lower caste or as were inhumanly called “untouchables” whom Gandhiji renamed-‘Harijans’. These girls attended St. Joseph’s Convent School. Since the missionaries had no access to the world of Indian women, the SSpS Sisters, alone had the privilege of starting this branch of apostolate. By 1957 there were about 100 girls in the boarding.


The sisters had to put in a lot of effort, hard work, patience, and trust in the Lord in order to educate and train them in good manners and values. Some of the most elementary lessons in health and hygiene as well as domestic science were imparted to them.

Now for the past few years students from our boarding go to Holy Spirit CBSC School too. The students here shine out in all the ways and those who have passed out from here are contributing a lot to the Society. It is a privilege to tell that few students who were in our hostel have become SSpS too. 

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