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Pavitra Atma Boarding, Aulia

On 1st July 1963 a boarding house for the girls was opened in Aulia to prepare and train them for their future life. Around 40 girls were accommodated in the boarding. The children who were from the far away villages were in the boarding. The main objective of this boarding house was to educate the poor children who had no facility for education in their villages, the boarding house continues because they get better education in Aulia as compared to the village schools, which are poorly managed. Since then thousands of girls have gained primary education, which paved the way for higher education and jobs in various fields.​

The School in Aulia is run by the Diocese of Khandwa. SSpS sisters are working in the school with the Pallotine Priests. This school has reached up to 5th Class. Along with the education they also get chance to involve in different activities in the school and hostel. In order to reduce the dropouts and to promote education to all we suggest our students to go to Knandwa and stay in our hostels. The sisters do the follow up and help the students to farewell in their life. 

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