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Maria Helena Hostel

SSpS Sisters are teaching and managing the Diocese run School St. Joseph Co-ed School, Badidhamini. Which has reached upto 10th Class. Sisters are involved in pastoral ministry and visit the families regularly and pray for them. While the visit sisters realized so many children are drop outs and not even had basic education due to the distance of the schools. In this growing senario if the children are not educated where will our nation reach? Are these students unlucky or their fate is to remain uneducated? These thoughts kept stirring the sisters and finally with the permission of the Congregation we began an Hostel for the girls; who are benefiting a lot by staying here.  Along with the academic performance they get chance to grow in co-curricular activities too. The senior ones help and take care of the little ones and help us in our mission. We too train and give special training to them to reach SOE Alirajpur.

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