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 Vishwas Khandwa:

Vishwas Khandwa is another branch from Indore taken care by (PASS) Pavitra Atma Sevikha Sangh Sisters. Since the number of patiens started to increase and people from this district were finding difficult to reach Indore and get treated, so the Province started a center for them here in Knandwa. 

 Here too we connect these people with the Government hospitals and advice them to get free treatment and get benefited by the government offers. People come from far and wide not only to get treated, they are supported psychologically, Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Time and again outreach programs are organized for the patients and their children as well, to accept the sickness and come out of their loneliness and depression. We meet the patients in their family and give awareness program to them in order that they get support, love and acceptance from their family members too. So far 1583 patients are being registered in our center. More over all those who come to our center get hope for living their life meaningfully and live little longer than the expected time. We are happy to share their life with us and to give hope for these so called hopeless people. 

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