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St Luke’s Hospital – Aulia had also become an important medical centre, Sr. Christobaldis Sickdress Teodora realised the urgent need of a leprosarium, in Aulia and so set up the St. Luke's Hospital for the leper patients not only on account of its dispensary, but especially on account of its well organized and well run leprosy centre. This center had about thousand regular patients. The services of Aulia mission were not limited to Aulia but to the nearby villages too. The patients of leprosarium came from different parts of Madhya Pradesh. For the rehabilitation of leprosy patients, a mobile team was also set up to reach out to the interior villages. Road side clinics with the help of paramedical staff were also part of this mission. 

Out Patient Department

Doctor visits thrice a week

Around 40 patients visit OPD when doctor is available

Patients with skin diseases come from far and wide

Healing based on faith

Financially able to manage the expenses

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