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Vishwas, Indore:

Vishwas is a project by the Holy Spirit Sisters (pavitra Atma Sevika Sangh) in response to the alarming situation of HIV/AIDS in Indore and surrounding district.

As an organisation, Vishwas strive to render People Living with HIV (PLHIV) their rightful dignified disposition in society. We undertake a holistic approach towards supporting PLHIV, from helping them recover from the Syndrome to restoring social assimilation and ending discrimination towards them.

Vishwas acts as a protecting and supporting canopy.

Home-based Service:

Vishwas-Indore is a home based project by Pavitra Atma Sevika Sangh. It has completed its 14 years of humanitarian service in the field of HIV/AIDS. It undertakes a holistic approach towards the PLHIV who are under its Care. The main aim of Vishwas is to integrate the PLHIV back into the families and Society through awareness programmes, individual and family counselling, preventive measures, mutual support groups and monthly meetings organised for PLHIV and their family members. Besides Vishwas helps PLHIV to live with Dignity through capacity building programmes, providing income generation activities , advocay and legal-aide,medical support,ration and additional nutritional support in case of need.

Vishwas also pays special emphasis  on HIV affected and infected children for their over all development. Special attention is paid on Infected  children through growth monitoring, providing nutritional supplements, Counselling, summer camp, medical camp, forming mutual support groups, educational supports, OPD supervises and providing recreational activities.

The Project carries out extensive awareness program through street plays and audio-visual aids for creating awareness among general public & which helped to remove the discrimination in the family.

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