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Community Development Programs, Aulia, Khandwa District

Community Development Program, Aulia (CDP) was initiated in 2009 with the aim of creating awareness among the people about their Rights, for promoting health care and to work for the welfare of the under privileged section of the villagers. Presently CDP Aulia is working in 10 villages.

The unit focuses on the following activities.

  • Women Empowerment through SHGs

  • Training on self-employment and support for livelihood through SHGs

  • Training in Technical education

  • Child Education and development

  • Promote holistic health programs

  • Increase accessibility of Govt. schemes

  • Environmental activities

The unit’s focus is on women empowerment and integral development of children by conducting various programs. Till date, January 2016, there are 381 women, organized through 38 SHGs. These groups received various capacities building trainings on documentation, self –employment trainings etc. The programs of Uday give direction towards proper functioning of Panchayats and other Govt. institutions such as ICDS centres, MDM, Govt. schools, MNREGA etc. Federations formed at village level are playing a significant role in local development issues. 

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