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Community Development Work, Dharampuri, Khandwa District

Dharampuri is located in the district of Khandwa.

The Community Development Project at Dharampuri is being formed for the development of the community there by focusing on Women, children and youth in 11 villages.



Total 122 women have been organized through 12 SHGs groups in Dharampuri cluster. Different capacity development training programs have been conducted with these SHGs members to empower them and to increase sustainability of the group and its programs.

The project takes initiatives to conduct classes in Tailoring for women and girls  and thus to enhance their skills in that field.  Majority of the girls support their families by working in the farms. About 54 girls and women have completed their training in tailoring and embroidery. Computer classes help the youth to complete the basics in computer studies. Health camps are also conducted for health awareness and prevention and treatment of the diseases among community members.

The main activities of the project are as follows:

  1. Women Empowerment through SHGs

  2. Organizing SHGs, self-employment by availing opportunities for income generation activities among women

  3. Child Education and development

  4. Carrier guidance and personality development for youth

  5. Coaching classes for dropout Girls

  6. Skill development among girls and women

  7. Conducting Health Camps

  8. Increase accessibility of schemes

  9. Protection of Environment.

  10. Computer education for the youth.

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