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Community Development Programs , Badi Dhamini, Jhabua District


Badi Dhamini is located in the district of Jhabua. The programmes of Community Development Project, Badi Dhamini, are being implemented for the development of the community by focusing on Women and children in 3 villages of Badi Dhamini cluster.


Total 271 women have been organized through 29 Self Help Groups in 5 villages. Federation is working towards addressing the local development issues of the village. The project conducts capacity building, training in self-employment and other skill development for SHGs, in order to empower women members of SHGs.   Vikas Manch is also actively working in Badi Dhamini. 50 toilets are being constructed in the village Mujal by the efforts of Vikas Manch. Regularization of two PDS shop is also possible by their efforts. Now these are opened twice in a month.

The main activities of the project are as follows:

  1. Empowerment of women through SHGs and CBOs

  2. Organizing SHGs, self-employment schemes and availing opportunities for income generation activities among women

  3. Technical training of youth by linking them with skill development schemes of the Govt.

  4. Child Education and development

  5. Conducting Health Camps

  6. Increase accessibility to Govt. schemes

  7. Promoting protection of Environment.

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