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 St. Raphael Co. Ed. School, Bhopal, was established in 2003. From its humble beginning the School has made tremendous strides, in providing and equipping itself with the human and physical resources required to meet the demands of increasing students who seek to enter its hallowed portals. The school is dedicated to the service of fostering all round development of young learners committed to its care and for grooming them to be vital assets to the society and to the country. Towards this end the School pays equal attention to academic excellence, extra-curricular activities and character formation instilling in them both spiritual and human values. The School actively seeks and encourages the parents and teachers to be part of this process and share this vision.
St. Raphael Co.Ed School is a Christian Minority School for boys and girls. This English medium school is affiliated to CBSE.  Our school is a branch of St. Raphael Girls Senior Secondary School, Indore which was established in 1928.

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