S.O.E Alirajpur

Rev. Bishop Chacko Thottumarikal initiated this project of educating the poor, village, Christian Tribal children of Jhabua Diocese. His dream was to educate the young ones of these brave hearts; and help them to achieve their dream. He collected funds and started this mission with much enthusiasm and hope. Then on for the past 15 years this mission is being carried out there in the Diocese; for which the contribution of SSpS and SDB's is immeasurable.

This hostel also is known as School of Excellence (SOE). What is the specialty of this hostel? The specialty of this hostel is that the Christian students who are studying in the village schools of Jhabua Diocese are brought here with the selection process, trained so intensely for a month again selected; those aspiring students are promoted by the team; the team consists of Bishop of Jhabua, SDB Fathers and SSpS Sisters. Most of their education are expenses are met by the Diocese with the help of the Benefactors. It started in a small number now have reached upto 12th Standard with many number of students. The girls are accommodated in Hursh Vihar, SSpS Community; and the boys are with the Don Bosco Community. 


Sr. Manju Lakra SSpS,

Provincial Leader, Holy Spirit Convent,

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